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Simple Bliss by Lisa Marie


About Simple Bliss

Hello. I am Lisa Marie. I am an Inspirational Speaker, Artist, Interior Decorator, Teacher, and owner of Simple Bliss, LLC as of Jan. 2021. I am a remarried widow with 4 sons of my own, a step son, step daughter, a daughter n law, and soon to be granddaughter. I had started an Interior Decorating business 15 years ago and at that time was a special ed teacher. Shortly after this, I started working for a non-profit with people with disabilities and my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I stopped decorating homes and took care of my husband while trying to raise my 4 sons. My HS sweetheart lost his battle with cancer. I lost 2 brothers, my parents within 2 months of each other, my brother in law, sister in law, uncle, dog, grandma, a couple of friends and my mother in law within 6 months- 2 years of my husband passing. Why do I share this? Because from my adversity I decided one day to pick up a paint brush and create signs, art, and furniture. I found it to be healing for me. I also found Bliss in the Simple things and was remarried. Art runs in my family with my Dad who drew art and decorated the display windows for Gimbles department store, my niece who went to the art institute of Chicago, my brother who did drafting, and my sister who did floral arrangements for weddings. Color, decorating, and creating spaces is my gift. Thank you for stopping at my fun and creative shop. Please take a business card and contact me if you need a custom order for furniture or decorating your home. Please go to my Facebook page and like it. Simple Bliss by Lisa Marie. 

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