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About ZenergyMala

Hi, my name is Kee Chan, and I am very passionate about the art and science of health and wellness. I have been teaching topics related to public health and preventative health for over 15 years. I became interested in yoga, pilates, and meditation after experiencing severe lower back pain due to bad posture, work, and daily life stresses.


At first, I found it difficult to silence the mind with racing thoughts and distraction during meditation; however, when I learned to say a “mantra” (a single word or phrase) in a repetitive, silent way and use mala beads to focus my attention instead of the distracting thoughts, my body and mind began to center on my breath and quiet the noise. The scent of different

essential oils can activate different energy centers in our body and rebalance the mind and body.


Thus, I created my mala beads jewelry and essential oil collection to help others find calmness in the midst of our noisy world filled with distraction and stress.


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