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Birdie's Nest


About Birdie's Nest

Hello my name is Brigitte Schimming. I am the owner of birdies nest since April 1, 2019. I am married and a mother to 3 fur babies. Born and raised in Wisconsin and living in Wauwatosa for 19 years. I have my Early Childhood Education degree. I have worked with children from infant to grade school age. I taught classes at the YMCA and various daycares for the past 10 years.


Throughout my adulthood I always enjoyed decorating my house and creating unique pieces with silk flower arrangements, wreaths and other decor. My family and friends always have told me you need to start up your own business. 4 year ago my Father passed away. My Father was a small business owner for 35 years. A very hardworking, proud business man that loved his customers and the community he worked in. My father taught me a good work ethic, customer service, and most of all pride in the job. When he passed away, I wasn't working at the time and I kept on saying “what should I do to carry on my father’s legacy.” It hit me with a tons of bricks was it was time to open that little business. The name of the business came from my family nickname . My nickname is bird and still is to this day from family and friends. I have a passion for making other people’s homes beautiful with a twist of uniqueness, creativity and most of all love!  Email me at: or visit my web site at: 

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