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About As The Paw Turns

Hi, Ashley here! I am a LEED 3rd Environmental Designer by day and maker at night. Kenny is an electrical engineer that is now a maker because of me. We have a rescue cat named Divot who is our woodworking shop supervisor. Bandit is head of quality control and Oakly is head of marketing (she does promotions at our outdoor events). I have been creating and making or as some say "crafting" since I was four. I also have a passion for helping and volunteering. So with any profits (subtracting the materials and fees) we make while at a show or seeling a piece goes into training and maintaining Bandit and Oaskly as therapy dogs for children's hospital. Bandit and Oakly are both rescue dogs with difficult childhoods and they love making little humans' lives better. During the pandemic we took up raising monarch butterflies since volunteering was not available. With some of the profits made in 2020 we were able to release 250 monarchs this year with 75 migrating to Mexico. As The Paw Turns offers more woodworking base design and Latte & Wit offers the beautiful shadow boxes and funny saying signs since 2015.

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